Requests for Bids, Proposals and Quotes

Many of the City’s requests for bids, proposals, and quotes; offer results; and notices of award can be obtained through Brea’s eProcurement Portal via Public Purchase, a third-party website that hosts the City’s eProcurements.

All necessary forms, specifications and other solicitation requests documents may be viewed and downloaded electronically. Businesses who have registered in Brea’s eProcurement Portal will receive email notices when a new request for bid or proposal relevant to their line of business is issued. Any interested party may view the City’s solicitations, as well as the bid results and final notices of award, by logging into the Brea’s eProcurement Portal and using the search features to locate the items of interest.

Please note that some of the Professional Services RFPs are listed under the Purchasing Activity below rather than through the City’s eProcurement Portal.

City’s Policy on Awards.

  • Lowest cost for Cost-Based Products or Services or Public Works Projects; or
  • Demonstrated competence, professional qualifications, and a fair and reasonable price for Professional Services; or
  • Best overall value to City including qualifications, experience, past performance, & price for Best Value purchases.

Important Notifications.


Upcoming RFIs, RFBs, RFPs*

*City may postpone or cancel any upcoming RFIs, RFBs, or RFPs as may be in City's best interest. 

RFBs: Respondent's name, city, state, and bid amount will be listed. List may be updated based on review and discovery.

RFPs: Respondent's name, city and state will be listed, but pricing will not be available until the evaluation phase has been completed and an award recommendation has been made public. List may be updated based on review and discovery.

RFP 2023.01.10.01 Local Hazard Mitigation Plan ("Project")


01/10/2023    Release of Request of Proposal (RFP)

01/31/2023    Question Deadline

02/16/2023    Proposal Due Date 

02/16/2023     Proposal Received Summary (pending award by City Council)

RFP 2022.12.16.01 Audit of The City’s General Plan ("Project")


12/16/2022    Release of Request of Proposal (RFP)

01/06/2023    Question Deadline  (Click here for Question Responses)

01/19/2023    Proposal Due Date