City of Brea Mission Statement

A mission statement is a broad-based, generic policy developed by the City Council usually covering a single-issue area. Mission statements are expressions of the council’s vision. Usually expressed as a definitive statement of purpose (“Brea will do…” “The city is committed to…”). Mission statements are the guide for the development by the various departments of operational goals.

Maintain a Safe Environment for Breans

Public safety is a basic element of Brea’s quality of life. The city will continue to use education and prevention approaches as well as enforcement and appropriate maintenance of facilities to enhance people’s sense of security.

Ensure Brea Remains a Special Place

Brea’s small town atmosphere, our sense of community, and our physical assets make Brea a special place. The city resolves to protect Brea’s hillside and canyon areas and foster family values, quality education, cultural understanding, a vibrant civic and cultural life, and an involved and caring citizenry.

Protect & Enhance Brea as a Balanced Community

A successful community sustains itself by ensuring a balance in physical, economic, and human development. A balanced community provides residents and businesses with the infrastructure and services which fulfill the diverse expectations of the community. A balanced community will provide a variety of land uses, promote economic health, and create and retain jobs while diversifying the revenue base needed to support services and maintain a sound reserve fund. A balanced community will also ensure a diversity of affordable housing opportunities for all elements of Brea, from the young to the old.

Increase Breans’ Sense of Civic Ownership

The city commits itself to two-way communication and interaction with the community to facilitate vision building, long-range planning, and organizational excellence. These elements are necessary for the long-term success of the community.