Affordable Housing Ordinance Update

he City of Brea adopted its Affordable Housing Ordinance in 1993, which requires developers of new residential projects of 20 or more units to designate at least 10% of the units as affordable. With the assistance of housing specialists from Kimley-Horn, the City is now evaluating and updating its existing Affordable Housing Ordinance (link below) to meet the current and future housing needs of the community. In preparation of the update, Kimley-Horn prepared an Affordable Housing Ordinance Update Considerations Memo to guide the update process (link below).

Existing Affordable Housing Ordinance and Affordable Housing Guidelines

 Affordable Housing Ordinance Update Considerations Memo

Public Outreach Meetings

Stakeholder Workshop

The City and Kimley-Horn held a virtual workshop in November 2022 with representatives from professional organizations and developers to discuss challenges faced when constructing affordable housing and feedback for the City to consider when updating the Ordinance.

Community Workshop 

A City-wide community workshop was held on February 8, 2023 at the Civic and Cultural Center to learn about the Affordable Housing Ordinance and provide comments on the draft recommendation of updates.  For those who were unable to attend the workshop a link to the presentation is below.

Community Workshop Presentation